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On November 23rd, the 4th Central Asian Aviation Summit was held in Tashkent

The summit was a unique event that brought together over 200 professionals and specialists from the aviation industry, including leaders of regional airlines and transport ministries, as well as international engineering and consulting companies involved in civil aviation infrastructure projects.

ECM Group actively participated in the 4th Central Asian Aviation Summit and was a gold sponsor of the event. In addition to ECM Group specialists, participants included representatives from Changi Airports International, Air Samarkand, Air Astana, Uzbekistan Airways Technics, TroyAvi, and many other international companies.

At the summit, ECM Group specialists held a series of business meetings with local and international partners and discussed new opportunities for cooperation. The ECM Group team presented their experience and expertise in designing and managing the construction of new international airport complexes, as well as the reconstruction of existing airport terminals.

One of the main topics of the summit on the agenda was the modernization and construction of new airports based on PPP in the regions of Uzbekistan. Participants in the summit noted the high potential for growth in air transportation in the region and an increase in the number of international flights, which will contribute to turning Central Asian countries into an international aviation hub. However, the existing airport infrastructure requires significant investment and the construction of new airport terminals that meet all international standards.

Based on research and accumulated experience, ECM GROUP demonstrated that private investment growth leads to passenger traffic growth, for example, the overall airport traffic growth in Uzbekistan in 2021 compared to 2011 was 47%. Also ECM Group specialists noted that when designing new airports, it is necessary to first analyze trends and infrastructure, make a passenger traffic forecast for 5-30 years, carry out competent master planning, and create a concept for the development of the airport complex that meets all investor objectives.

ECM Group aviation sector specialists were pleased to participate in this event and share their experience with colleagues from Uzbekistan. We are confident that regular meetings and exchange of experience at such a high level will raise the level of airport infrastructure to a qualitatively new level, thereby allowing the region to become a new aviation hub. We also want to express our gratitude to the organizers of this event for the opportunity to participate.

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