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ECM GROUP participated at Hotel Business Forum-2023 as an expert

On March 2nd, Tashkent hosted a "Hotel Business Forum-2023" which was attended by leading experts and Uzbekistan state authorities in tourism sector and specialists in the hospitality field from all over the world.

The main topic of the forum was "Trends in Hospitality: from Service Collaboration to IT Solutions. Hotels in Uzbekistan. Projects and facilities."

At the forum Mr. Egor Dontsov, Director of «Hotels and tourism infrastructure sector» of ECM Group, and Mr. Temur Mirzaev, the Advisor to the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan, discussed the development of tourism clusters and the creation of master plans for the development of territories in the Uzbekistan regions. This activity will contribute to a significant increase in tourist flows to the country and the creation of favorable conditions for the stay of guests.

Mr. Egor Dontsov also made a speech at the event. The subject of Mr. Dontsov’s presentation was: "How to create working and relevant hospitality product: from ambitious concepts into real projects". Mr. Egor Dontsov shared the professional expertise of ECM Group in designing and consulting projects with international standards for global hotel brands. His experience in creating the excellent hospitality product from commercial idea and investment attractiveness to team building and commissioning was of particular interest for the audience

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