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Peter Knoch's interview to

"I didn't expect Tashkent to be so fascinating - Peter Knoch on the architecture of the capital and the work of the ECM Group in Uzbekistan in his interview to

 Recently, Uzbekistan has been attracting more and more attention from foreign companies in terms of business development in the country, including the construction and design of complex facilities. 

 In Germany, Europe, and Central Asia, our company provides design, construction management, master planning, and consulting services in various segments of the real estate market. In our Tashkent office, we are actively developing new high-tech products - digital twins of real estate objects, VR/AR simulators and metaverse, numerical simulation of aerodynamics and microclimate (CFD modelling) based on BIM model. All of these products are in high demand by European clients in the construction industry, so the goal of our Tashkent division is to export digital services to global markets. 

I see the demand in Uzbekistan right now for logistics, tourism, medical and educational clusters, and the development of renewable energy. And in Tashkent itself, the capital, where a lot of people come, I see the need for the development of everything: housing, schools, recreational facilities. It is important to understand that developing a competent approach to rationalizing urban development is a long-term process that will require a great deal of effort and investment." 

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