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The Miraki area in Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan is transforming into a contemporary tourist destination.

On October 6, the ECM GROUP presented a master plan for the development of a modern tourist destination in the Miraki area in the Shakhrisabz district of the Kashkadarya region in Uzbekistan. The presentation was made in the presence of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and included plans for contemporary site development, as well as the modernization of road infrastructure, public transport, and supply networks.

The ECM GROUP placed great importance on preserving the historical and natural identity of the area, particularly in the selection of building types and materials. Additionally, attention was given to landscaping, surface colors, and typography.

The project was developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The implementation program will be carried out in six expansion stages by 2033. This will attract private and state investments to the region and create new jobs.

“We see the collaboration on the Miraki project as the first step in transferring know-how and experience that contributes to the sustainable development of the Central Asian region,” says Peter Knoch, head of the ECM Group’s Berlin office.

A presentation of the master plan to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is planned at the end of October.

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Dilshod Bukharov
Dilshod Bukharov
Mar 20

Hello, we are residents of this area, how can we see the presentations of this project. What I want to say is that several residential buildings have been added to the sectioned part of the area. We are afraid that our houses will be demolished! We were not informed about this by any officials. We would like to know about this please!

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