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Effective construction management skills are crucial for completing construction projects within the established timeline, meeting cost limitations, and quality requirements. Given the significant investment of time and capital involved in construction projects, companies must possess core competencies for coordinating job sites, controlling costs, and managing risks to remain cost-effective and competitive in the building and construction industry.

Our construction managers possess unique qualifications to provide the oversight necessary to deliver projects on time and to the expected standard of quality, scope, and function. They understand the challenges faced by owners, contractors, engineers, and architects throughout the construction process.

is Construction Management?

Construction management is a specialized field of project management that involves supervising and coordinating construction activities to ensure successful project delivery. Many colleges and universities offer degree programs in construction management.

The ultimate goal of construction management is to minimize risk by controlling a project's schedule, budget (cost), and quality. This involves a variety of activities such as project planning, design coordination, scheduling and coordination, cost management, quality management, contract administration, safety and compliance, risk management, documentation and reporting, and project closeout. On complex projects, these duties may be divided between multiple project or construction managers, each responsible for a different focus.

The Role
of the Construction Manager

A Construction Manager (CM) is typically a person or company that provides construction management services to a project owner or property developer. They have extensive experience, training, and technical knowledge around construction methodologies, building codes, and drawings. A CM acts as a representative for the project owner, bridging the communication gap between designers, engineers, and contractors to streamline project delivery.


They may be hired as an employee or work as an independent contractor on a specific project. A CM can serve in various capacities, such as a construction management firm representing the owner from conception to closeout or a general contractor consulting during the design phase and performing actual construction work.



Industrial park for Volkswagen component manufacturers


Logistic terminals by Raven, a British logistics developer (7 projects)

Schneider Electric

Localization of a Schneider Electric facility


Localization of a float glass facility and the Pilkington, MO energy-efficient coating line

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