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ECM GROUP showcased a comprehensive development strategy for the Miraki region

On Monday, October 16th, the 25th session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) took place in Samarkand, with representatives from over 130 countries participating. 

During a panel session focused on the advancement of Uzbekistan's tourism potential, ECM GROUP showcased a comprehensive development strategy for the Miraki region (Kashkadarya region). This strategy is based on a meticulously crafted master plan.

The program for improving the tourist infrastructure and landscaping of the Miraki region is designed until 2033. The program includes 6 stages of project implementation. To implement this project, ECM GROUP proposes attracting private and government investments amounting to $817 million. 

The master plan for the Miraki region includes 39 investment lots aimed at attracting both local and foreign private investments for the development of the region. ECM GROUP specialists paid special attention to local customs and culture, the characteristics of existing buildings, and the daily lives of local residents in order to preserve the authenticity and attractiveness of the area for tourists. 

It is worth noting that both foreign tourists and local residents were taken into account during the development of the master plan. 

Participants and guests of the 25th session of the UNWTO General Assembly highly appreciated the work of ECM Group specialists and expressed their interest in implementing the Miraki region master plan project in the Kashkadarya region. The implementation of the master plan project will allow for the socio-economic, urban planning, and tourism potential of not only the Miraki area but also the entire region to reach a higher level of quality, thereby strengthening Uzbekistan's position within the global tourism community.

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